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My thoughts on Forwood vs. Klaroline. 

This isn’t meant to be offensive to anyone, it’s just my curious thoughts about it, and before anyone goes crazy, know that I’m not opposed to the idea of Klaroline. So before I lose what little followers I have, hear me out first. XD

Let me just begin by saying that recently, I was analyzing why I ship Forwood and why I had my reservations about Klaroline.

With Forwood, what really makes me love them is how much they’ve grown up together, how much they’ve helped and guided the other through everything. Caroline helped Tyler so much when he first became a werewolf, and he helped her through the entire ordeal with her dad torturing her, making her think he hated his own daughter and so on.

Even when Tyler became a hybrid and was sired to Klaus, instead of dropping him, she fought to get him to see reality. Though they had a falling out, they rose above it, just like they usually did with everything else.

I know people are going to argue and say things like, “What about when he sided with Jules and acted like an a****** when she was being tortured?” or “What about when he bit her?”

I agree, Tyler was dumb about that particular incident, and as for the second, I see it as him being sired, and not knowing how to break that just yet.

The thing is, is that I ship their relationship because even though Tyler was a straight up jerk in the beginning, and seems to make a lot of mistakes, he’s grown so much from that. Prime example:

Klaus: “How did you break the sire bond?”

Tyler:”By breaking every bone in my body a hundred times for the girl I love.”

He fought to have his control back, to be able to have the chance to be with Caroline again, because he knew if he didn’t break it, he’d lose her, and himself as a person. I mean, if we can forgive all of Damon’s and Stefan’s, (and yes, even Klaus’s) transgressions, the argument for “Tyler was a jerk and still is,” is completely ridiculous.

Besides all of that, I felt like they never catch a break while they’ve been dating. You barely get to see some normal, happy couple time with them because there’s always something going on, making it feel like they have to put their relationship on the back-burner to deal with the life-threatening issues.

Anyway, not too long ago though I really began to think about Klaroline after seeing a few of their arguments as to why people ship them. What really got me to think about the possibility of them, was the argument that Klaus is the only one who hasn’t seen her as some air-headed, shallow, drama queen like every one else has.

This is what got me to have some interest in seeing where they take this ship. All because Klaus saw her as so much more than what anyone else gave her credit for.

But then I don’t think I could get past the simple fact that Klaus has made Elena’s life a living hell, not to mention everyone around them. Everyone talks about how amazing Caroline and Elena’s friendship is, so Caroline going for Klaus seems a little… out of character to me.

Personally, I ship Forwood, but I’m beginning to understand and appreciate Klaroline. Honestly, I am interested to see where they’re headed.

 posted 2 years ago